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Nexus Africa - Providing a platform

for nex-gen African Philanthropists to come together



1. Advocacy:

Promoting philanthropy utilising public platforms i.e. media, in Africa. Nexus Africa will develop and support various advocacy efforts promoting philanthropy on the continent. This will be done through various platforms such as social networks, events, research, etc, particularly targeting youth and emerging philanthropists. A lobbying and media strategy has been designed to achieve this goal.

2. Networking Events:

Providing networking opportunities for next-gen philanthropists in Africa and other regional philanthropy platforms in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc every year. The business of philanthropy is about relationships. Events provide a unique opportunity to network and meet like-minded people.

3. Funding social causes:

Linking philanthropist with social causes they can support.


Outcomes Based Target

  1. Advocacy

Through partnerships with various media and lobbying platforms, highlight the stories of thousands of philanthropists across the African continent and inspire a new generation of givers to support Africa’s development agenda. By 2020, we aim to reach at least 5 million people across the African continent.

  1. Networking

Through strategic events, we seek to provide a networking platform for thousands of youth philanthropists in Africa and also target the diaspora and other Nexus Regional Platforms to support our Nexus Endowment Fund. Nexus Africa will have one major event every year, supported by quarterly smaller workshops/forums (some will be online) at least 3 times a year to grow our targeted database. There will also be regional events in North, East, West and Central Africa.  Nexus Africa will also attend networking events in North America, Europe, Middle East, Europe, etc at least once a year to identify donors in those countries who are interested in supporting Africa’s development

  1. Funding Causes

An endowment structure will be set up to fund beneficiary projects across different sectors of Africa’s sectors as demonstrated below.

Nexus Africa Endowment Structure

Nexus Africa Endowment Structure

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