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Driving Next Generation Philanthropy in Africa

Nexus Africa Launches in Johannesburg – 06 June 2013. Click here for press release




Africa’s greatest asset and wealth lies in its human capital. Africa’s Population is estimated to reach two billion by the year 2050 and 60% of that population will be under 30.

Nexus Africa Vision

To catalyze Africa’s greatest wealth, its people, to come together and develop self-sustainable ways of developing the African continent by promoting and sustaining innovative African philanthropy.

Africa 2063 Vision

To develop a prosperous Africa over the next 50 years.


To achieve the vision through various specific programming  that will catalyze new leadership for addressing Africa’s problems.


  • To Inspire philanthropy in Africa and social impact investment amongst Africa’s young wealth holders and ordinary citizens who seek to contribute to Africa’s development
  • To connect diaspora African philanthropists, donors, and social impact investors to African causes e.g. education, health, environmental protection, youth development, etc
  • To develop a premier platform in all regions of Africa to promote African philanthropy, with a focus on next-gen philanthropy, highlighting success stories across Africa of innovative African philanthropy
  • To create an endowment fund, with a governance structure managed by a leading   African financial institution, which will support specific outcomes based programmes for Nexus Africa.


Prince Cedza Dlamini is the current founding Chair of Nexus Africa having being a participant at the inaugural Nexus Global event in New York in 2011. In South Africa, where Prince Cedza is located, he is the current CEO  of the Ubuntu Institute, located in Johannesburg, which has provided funding for the launch and incubation of Nexus Africa to grow next-gen philanthropy in Africa. Prince Cedza is a social entrepreneur, humanitarian, philanthropist and international public speaker. Through Nexus Africa and the Ubuntu Institute, he seeks to empower young people to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals  (MDG) in Africa, particularly HIV/Aids, Poverty Eradication, Women Empowerment, Education and Environmental Sustainability.

Kalu Ugwuomo is the North American Director of Nexus Africa. He is also a co-founder and an original member of the Hip Hop Caucus, a US national non-profit organization which aims to foster civic engagement among young people of color on various issues. Recently, Kalu helped launch "Green the Block" as part of the White House's Green Jobs initiative with the Hip Hop Caucus and partner Green For All. He takes great pride in his ethnic heritage as an Igbo from Eastern Nigeria, and has recently launched The Aku Foundation, which is working on mechanisms to promote and execute sustainable industrial development in the Niger delta region. Kalu is a Principal at BIG Africa LLP a Pan African feeder investment fund.

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